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Services and Fees

Linda Khanzetian

Linda Khanzetian, CHHP, CRM, CNC, NHD
Doctor of Natural Health, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner,
Certified Reiki Master, Certified Nutritional Consultant
Board Certified – American Association of Drugless Practitioners

NATURAL HEALTH EVALUATION - Reveals general body constitution, identifies energy blockages, and areas needing cleansing and nutritional balance based on Oriental energy systems.
$145.00 Initial Consultation
$90.00 Follow-up (Scheduled within 3 months of initial consultation)

HOLISTIC TREATMENTS - Work on the energy systems to clear blockages and restore balance, encouraging the body to heal.

Aura Clearing – 1 hour   $95.00
Aura Clearing – 1 1/2 hour   $150.00
Crystal Healing   $85.00
Crystal Chakra Balancing   $90.00
Crystal Chakra Balancing w/Reiki   $180.00
Acupressure $90.00 $50.00
Reflexology $90.00 $50.00
Magnet Therapy $90.00 $50.00
Reiki $90.00 $50.00
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Applications (AromaTouch, Raindrop Technique)   $90.00
Therapeutic Aromatherapy Consultation w/Zyto Compass   $55.00
Biogenesis   $90.00
Hypnotherapy   $90.00
Past/Current Life Regression   $90.00
AFT, EFT (Tapping)   $85.00
Personalized Bach Flower Remedy   $60.00
Distance Energy Work   $50.00
Distance Chakra Balancing   $50.00
Muscle Response Allergy Testing (MRAT)   $90.00
Allergy De-Sensitization   $90.00
Hair Analysis   $210.00


(Package discounts: 3 treatments - $255.00 – must be used within 2 months. Treatments are more effective when done on a regular basis.)

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