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CLIA # 09D1028400



Multi-test Urinalysis

Nitrites, blood, billinogen, billirubin, leukocytes, pH, glucose, protein, leukocytes, and ketones. This test assists the practitioner in the selection of a proper diet for the client.
CPT code # 81002

Lab Test and Consult Fee: $90.00


LDL, HDL, Triglycerides
CPT code # 82465QW

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $55.00

Hair Analysis

Hair analysis evaluates mineral balance and heavy metals. CPT code # 82108 (aluminum), 82300 (cadmium), 82310 (calcium), 82525 (copper), 83655 (lead), 83735 (magnesium), 83785 (manganese), 83885 (nickel), 84255 (selenium), 84630 (zinc), 83015 (arsenic, mercury, cobalt, lithium).

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $75.00

Hair Analysis (Advanced)

Information as listed above with a computer print detailing the implications of the results.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $105.00

Adenal Stress

This is a saliva test that monitors the activity of the adrenal cortex and its ability to react to stress. This is especially helpful in the evaluation of the effects of anxiety on the body. CPT codes # 82530 (cortisol), # 82627 (DHEA).

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $195.00

Food Antibodies

This is a blood spot test that measures the body’s reaction to common foods, as a result natural remedies can be selected for treatment.
CPT code # 86001x30

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $215.00

Fatty Acid Profile

From a simple finger stick it measures key omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids and calculates key indicators to establish optimal health. Transfatty acids - the “bad” oils in processed foods are also measured. This test assists in the treatment of arthritis.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $215.00

GI Effects Profile

The GI effects profile uses DNA analysis to identify microbiota including anerobes.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $495.00

Organix – Basic

The Organix profile provides a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes and the efficiency of the metabolic function.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $295.00

Organix – Dysbiosis

This test determines the imbalances of the microecology of the digestive tract. It can determine if there is overgrowth of “bad bacteria.”

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $295.00

Estronex Profile

The estronex profile measures six important metabolites and their ratios to help to help women and men assess any risk factors related to hormones.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $250.00

Heavy Metal Porphyrins

This test helps identify heavy metal or organic chemical toxicity. Determining this can help with future treatment that will improve metabolism and cellular function.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $250.00

Phthalates and Parabens

This test helps identify everyday exposure to toxins from use of items such as personal care products and plastic containers.

Collection/Instruction Fee: $55.00
Lab Fee: $350.00


Collection and instruction fee covers a brief discussion with the practitioner to review the test. This fee allows for a 20 minute discussion.


Practitioners are available to meet with clients to interpret tests and instruct in the proper treatments available in the natural health care.

**Please note: Some specimen samples are sent to outside laboratories and therefor are covered under their Federal Laboratory Certification.


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